Zimpapers mentorship programme kicks off

Moffat Mungazi 

The Zimpapers mentorship programme that seeks to hone the skills of aspiring writers in Manicaland schools has excited Rock of Ages Academy learners as they are getting the chance to rub shoulders with Zimpapers reporters and radio presenters as well as getting nuggets of wisdom from them.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Zimpapers has established a Media Club that seeks to help students explore and sharpen their writing skills.

The Manica Post Editor, Wendy Nyakurerwa-Matinde; and Diamond FM News Bureau Chief, Mercy Ngwebvu made presentations at an induction workshop conducted in Mutare on Tuesday.

In her presentation at the induction workshop, Nyakurerwa-Matinde — who is part of the team spearheading the initiative said Zimpapers is geared for a fruitful programme.

“The programme is on and we have already started publishing some of the works by the aspiring writers in our newspaper. We hope that this will go a long way in sharpening the skills of young talent in schools,” said Nyakurerwa-Matinde.

She urged the learners to be creative and thrive on originality as successful careers in the media industry are built on that.

In her presentation, Ngwebvu called on the girls to step up to the plate and be active participants in the mentorship programme.

“It is pleasing that so many girls have shown interest in this programme. We need girls to be more involved in taking up spaces that can define their future because they are not inferior in any way.

“Women can be effective leaders who can make a positive difference in all spheres of life,” she said.

Rock of Ages Academy’s Writers’ Club president, David Matapo, hailed the programme and said it is instrumental in providing them with a perfect opportunity and platform to showcase their talent and hone their skills.

Nyakurerwa-Matinde (right) stresses a point to aspiring writers during an induction workshop for Rock of Ages Academy students in Mutare on Tuesday

“We are grateful to Zimpapers for this programme because it will nurture us. The induction workshop was engaging and enlightening. We learnt a lot. This will feed our passion and spur us to fulfil our dreams as writers and speakers. Receiving mentorship from Ma’am Nyakurerwa-Matinde and Ma’am Ngwebvu has triggered our zest to learn. We aspire to emulate the media people in our province,” he said.

Another leaner, Millicent Musiyiwa, described the initiative as a boon that will immensely contribute in shaping their future.

“This is a welcome development and a good starting point. We feel blessed to have The Manica Post and Diamond FM on our side and we are glad that they have decided to play a leading role in shaping the future voices of both the newspaper and radio station,” said Musiyiwa.

For Cherise Khan, learning from the best in the game will make her journey to becoming a good writer more enjoyable.

She said: “The learning process in this field has just started and with such a leading player in the industry holding our hand, we can only be destined for greater heights. This is such an exciting initiative and we are delighted to be part of it.”

The patron of the Rock of Ages club, Mr Fungai Nhaitai commended the Zimpapers mentorship programme and said it is a stepping stone in career guidance.

“This precedence being set by The Manica Post and Diamond FM will benefit many students in guiding their paths to becoming reputable writers and speakers.

“Catching them in school is crucial in shaping their future. In fact, this programme is in line the New Curriculum as it speaks about nurturing blossoming talent at early stages,” he said.



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