Zimpapers Cancer Walk makes bold statement

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Acting Entertainment Editor

It’s Pink Day!

Well, it is that time of the year once again when Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Group, the country’s biggest media group with interests in publishing, broadcasting, digital and printing, touches the hearts of many.

To those who religiously follow the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed group’s calendar, you need not be reminded of the colour to put on today. Well, it is pink.

And it does not end with only the colours, with your pink clothes on, you can join Zimpapers’ Cancer Power Walk this morning at various venues throughout the country and walk for a good cause to raise funds for Island Hospice and Healthcare, an organisation that deals with cancer.

The Cancer Power Walk is happening this morning in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Gweru, Masvingo and Kariba.

Apart from walking for a good cause, there will be zumba, aerobics, medical checks and counselling sessions.

You will never go wrong by joining the Cancer Power as the event is marked with a number of festivities.

It is an event which brings cheer and relief to cancer survivors as well as hope to those who lost their peers to the disease.

In Harare, this year’s Cancer Power Walk returns to its tradition venue, Old Hararians Sports Club, which is famed for hosting it in previous years.

As usual, participants with be spoilt for choice.

The event starts around 6am with the traditional cancer walk and of course road run for those who prefer showcasing their athletic skills, putting their feet on the ground, yes this is another aspect of the game.

In an interview with Saturday Herald on Lifestyle, Zimpapers public relations and communications manager Pauline Matanda said it was all systems go today.

“Besides the cancer walk, there is going to be free health checks, cancer screening, BP checks, and counselling sessions at the site,” she said.

“This is to encourage a more holistic way of life which sees the public taking an interest in knowing their full health status.

“These will take place while a ZUMBA and Aerobics instructor will be taking people through their sessions.

‘‘The cancer walk will be advertised through all media platforms open to the group. This includes print, broadcasting, digital and social media.

“A campaign highlighting why Zimpapers is doing the Cancer Power Walk will be done. Creatives from all divisions will be working and pushing this at ALL divisions.”

Different personalities will be identified to run with the campaign on different media platforms while hashtags will be created on social media to create hype about the activity.

One of the cancer survivors, who preferred anonymity, said she found it hard to miss the event.

“It’s an event which I take seriously considering my background as a cancer survivor,” she said. “It sounds like fiction when I tell people about how I survived, but I see the grace of the Lord.

“Mine was detected earlier and that could be the reason why I survived.

‘‘Had it not been for an early detection, I don’t think I could have survived. I’m glad that I am here sharing my story with you.”

To new comers, it is never too late to be part of the Zimpapers Annual Cancer Power Walk, in partnership with Island Hospice.

Established in 2016, the campaign has never lost it gloss as more partners are coming on board to help Zimpapers in its quest to change a live.

“All the proceedings go to Island Hospice, a health facility that we have identified,” said Matanda.

“As such, the refreshing campaign has also made an impression, becoming the group’s flagship event.

“It has been endorsed as an advocacy platform meant to raise awareness about the national and global concern that cancer is. It has also become a fundraising platform for palliative care and the work being done by Island Hospice.”

As part of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility, this year’s edition, which returns by enormous demand, has attracted the attention of many participants.

The walk is viewed as a way of not only raising awareness about cancer, but also as a means of encouraging exercise and healthy lifestyles amongst the public.

Tichaona Mlambo, who lost his father to cancer, said he will take part in this year’s edition.

“To be honest, I can’t miss this year’s edition because it enables me to celebrate my father’s legacy,” he said.

“This event reminds me that we need to embrace each other and help the need.

“Lifestyle diseases including cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and others have become leading killers of people in the highly stressful environment we live in.”

Simply dubbed “Zimpapers Cancer Power Walk7th Edition”, this year’ edition is a bit special it will be held around the country.

There is proposal for a virtual broadcasting of the event, the way it was done last year in other areas worldwide where there is no scheduled walk.

In Harare, the walk will be starting at 5:30am until 10:30am; and will see participants gathering at Old Hararians Sports Club and start the 5km Power Walk following a mapped out route.

Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo, Gweru and Kariba to provide their venue and routes. See different attachments.

Those who want to participant should be informed that it’s never too late to register. What they only need to do is to fork out $6,500 or equivalent.

In return, they will get branded t-shirts that will be given for brand visibility.

As usual, the police will offer an escort while ambulance services will be on hand.

This Cancer Power Walk will be open to all adults and children with the stable aiming to raise at least US$25,000 to donate to Island Hospice and Health Care.

Last year the among was met.

Owing to its demand, the Cancer Power Walk has also attracted sponsors to ensure it lives to expectations. Being an annual event, the stable is still courting for sponsorship from all corporates, SMEs, organisations that are in health, cancer, medical aid, NGOs, laboratory and medicals, etc.

In return, sponsors will get coverage through the various platforms under Zimpapers from print to radio and digital.


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