The Sunday Mail

History of Brand

The Sunday Mail is a weekly Sunday newspaper that was established in 1935. It is part of the Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) limited.


  • The Sunday Mail is the largest newspaper in Zimbabwe, in terms of readership, circulation and pagination.
  • It is the highly recognized Sunday newspaper nation wide.
  • Due to its world class content and news coverage it has managed to penetrate the South African and the Zambian markets where its circulation is increasing tremendously.
  • 2012 Super brands winner in the print media category.

Highest readership amongst weekly publication. According to ZAMPS (2020) The Sunday Mail came tops in the weeklies category with 43 percent readership.

Owing to the unbeatable pagination, Sunday Mail carries more top-quality news and advertisements than any other publication in Zimbabwe. Some of the news sections in the paper include

  • Sports news
  • Entertainment news
  • Business news
  • Political news
  • Social news
  • Foreign news

The publication also runs innovative promotional campaigns, namely The Bride of the Year and the Baby of the Year.

The Sunday Mail holds something for everyone. All the age groups are served, from secondary school students to retirees. It is truly a family paper. Organisations also get value from the newspaper through business news updates, advertisements, as well as various updates of the political, social and economic environment in the country.


The Sunday Mail is also big on digital, with strong base of followers on social media platforms, namely Twitter (@SundayMailZim), Facebook (Sunday Mail Zimbabwe) and YouTube (The Sunday Mail). Our audiences on these various platforms continue to grow exponentially. The Sunday Mail is also available on the Zimpapers App, which integrates the group’s digital content.

  • Extending the reach across the regional and local market
  • Regional market – Zambia, Namibia and South Africa
  • Vendors
  • Supermarkets
  • Subscriptions
  • Country agents

The Sunday Mail is regarded as the top Sunday newspaper in Zimbabwe where various groups of people get all they want. It is an all inclusive newspaper that offers comprehensive news that would have taken place during the week as well as highlights of what will transpire in the coming week. Both individual readers and organisations get value from the newspaper through its wide distribution network and news coverage as well as a wide range of advertisements. 



One of the biggest strengths of The Sunday Mail is that it caters for diverse tastes.

Its secret of being a well recognized and solid newspaper brand is continuous improvement.