The Manica Post

The Manica Post

The Manica Post is a weekly provincial paper covering events from all districts of the Manicaland province. It started publishing on December 13, 1893.  The Manica Post is part of Zimpapers (1980) Ltd Company. The main thrust of The Manica Post is to promote Manicaland’s development in relation to developments in other provinces. Apart from coverage of Manicaland events, The Manica Post also covers national, regional and international events that are relevant to the people of Manicaland.

The Manica Post has managed to increase its distribution and circulation to other provinces other than Manicaland. Through its robust coverage on business investment opportunities, the publication has also managed to instill confidence in the business community – both local and foreign.


The Manica Post consists of a main paper and the Weekender. The main paper carries developmental news, politics, business, sports, features, opinion and analysis. On the other hand, the Weekender section covers community news and court reports. Despite being light hearted, the Weekender is one of the most educative papers in the country through its educational and incisive columns that includes home, gardening, cooking, fashion, beauty, wedding tips and education, among others.

The Weekender caters for the young readers through its kids’ page were young people are invited to give their own contributions. The inclusion of word games, coloring pictures and Sudoku in the section is also meant to hook the young readers and inculcate a reading culture in them.

The Weekender also carries Dateline, a column that connects single people who are searching for love. Over the years, this has proved to be a circulation driver as some single people are hooked to this column.

Advertisers and the general public are also taking advantage of the advertising space offered by The Manica Post to connect with their markets or service providers. Advertisers have the option of advertising in either the main paper, Weekender or Classifieds section.

  • People of the Manicaland province
  • Scholars
  • Youths and adults

The Manica Post has launched new sections and columns.

  • District Round-Up ensures that every part of the province is covered.
  • Family Feuds is a deliberate effort to ensure that there is adequate coverage of community news.
  • Weekend Debate carries all the opinion and analysis articles. This is crucial since The Manica Post is a weekly publication whose strength is on Day 2 journalism.
  • Rebranding of the Weekender section to include tourism, leisure, fashion, beauty, home and gardening columns.
  • The Manica Post has been working on growing its online audience through constantly updating its website and engaging audiences on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Manica Post’s increased online presence is expected to grow its audiences both regionally and internationally.
  • Increased sports coverage.
  • Continuous content development to ensure the publication appeal to a wider audience.