The Sunday News

History of Brand

Sunday News was established in 1930 and it is part of the Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Limited family. Since its launch, it has been offering value to its readers and it has been a continuously improving and well-recognized brand.

  • Sunday News has never failed to publish in the past 80 years of its existence.
  • It is a well-circulated and highly recognized Sunday paper in the Southern region of Zimbabwe.
  • Despite the increasing competition in the market, the Sunday-News is enjoying an increase in its circulation figures as well as advertising performance.

The publication offers a wide selection of columns for a diverse readership, which includes

  • Tourism
  • Property
  • Sport
  • Local and Foreign
  • Farming Sunday Leisure and entertainment.

It is also a valuable advertising medium to both organizations and individuals due to its wide circulation network.

The Sunday News is a mass market paper read by every class in the market including;

  • School going pupils
  • Middle managers to policy makers including business executives
  • The retired
  • The informal traders and any other ordinary person

The brand recently introduced the Lets Talk page that is growing in popularity. The paper has also introduced the Livestock Market column as well as the Gender /Health page. The Sunday News continues to improve its total rural coverage to give the voiceless a voice. Sunday News is looking at updating its website and making sure that it is always up and running. It will it will continue to invest in investigative journalism as well as focusing on stories or issues that affect the majority of the people.

It is quality brand in terms of journalism excellence and its diverse readership packaging and wide circulation. It is well-received brand in the market by both individual readers and organisations. Readers and advertisers get value for their money.

The brand has proved its potential of being a national paper through its demand in all the corners of the country. It is a people’s paper. It articulates their yearnings, fears, aspirations and wants.

When people in the Southern region of the country talk about the newspaper on Sunday; they will be referring to the Sunday News. There is no weekly newspaper in this country that sells better than Sunday News in the Southern.

On its religious page, in the Sunday Leisure | packaging and wide circulation. It is a well- section, the paper covers articles on all ) eye d brand in the market by both religions without discrimination. individual readers and organizations. Readers and advertisers get value