Current Developments

Suburban, is one of the Zimpapers publications which have managed to remain afloat following the substitution of print copies with e-papers, to maintain visibility in the wake of the decision to stop printing some newspapers after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in March last year.

This has seen the newspaper contribute to the group’s overall digital revenues and profits following its full migration from a print to an e-paper, eliminating printing and distribution costs for the hard copy.

E-distribution of content through WhatsApp, email and the website has enabled the newspaper to continue reaching readers and advertisers. 

The target reader for the Suburban is the community at large broken down into residents; churches; schools and students; youths; social clubs; businesses such as shops at suburban shopping malls; utility providers such as council and Zesa; sports clubs, sports academies, membership clubs, Rotary Clubs;  

Presently we have two editions the Avondale, Mt Pleasant, Mabelreign and Marlborough one and the Borrowdale, Highlands, Greendale and Chisipite edition.

Coverage extends into areas in the vicinity of Avondale and Mt Pleasant and Borrowdale. So in this case the Avondale edition will include areas such as Westgate, Ridgeview, Milton Park, Strathaven and Bluff Hill while the Borrowdale edition will include areas such as Glen Lorne, Chishawasha Hills, The Grange, Umwinsidale, etc.

Suburban newspapers contain “hyper local content”, which basically is community news.

People in Borrowdale want to read about what’s happening next door or in their locality before looking for national news.

 So the Suburban speaks to such readers and tracks their interests. How do they spend their weekends or where do they like to hang out.

For example comedy, dance and art are forms of entertainment to people in a suburban neighbourhood but in the high density people might only be interested in music.

  • We cover school events because the communities i.e. the parents, pupils and teachers want to read about their events including sporting events.
  • Religion (church events such as prayer meetings, conferences, crusades, commemorations.
  • Business stories
  • Service stories issues about roads, electricity and water
  • Arts and culture
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Music
  • Sports the bias being schools sport
  • Food and Drink
  • Fashion
  • Books and Education
  • Health
  • Businesses should advertise in the Suburban newspapers because they allow advertisers operating in the particular suburbs to market their products and services.
  • The Suburban newspapers are free sheets so they reach out to more readers (potential clients for advertisers) than those newspapers which are sold.
  • The northern suburbs which are currently being covered by Suburban are where the money is. People in these areas have the money to spend and businesses will surely get a return by marketing themselves to this particular section of the Zimbabwean population.
  • Since its launch goodwill has been generated towards the Suburban from residents, councilors, MPs and businesses. So advertisers can take advantage of this goodwill to market themselves and their products.
  • Residents
  • Business people
  • Politicians
  • Embassies
  • Diplomats
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Students

Basically the community because all these people make up the communities which the Suburban writes about and which advertisers also target.