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Star FM was the first station of the Zimpapers Radio Broadcasting Division, launching on the 25th of June 2012 to usher in a new era in radio broadcasting in Zimbabwe, as the country’s first independent radio station.

Star FM changed the face of radio broadcasting in Zimbabwe by being the first to use a digital studio instead of the traditional analogue equipment.

Star FM targets the 18-35 urban age group, which is the country’s largest demographic. The station’s programming is tailored for this audience, we are a Contemporary Hit Radio station, featuring the latest and hottest music, plus classic tracks from 1990 onwards.

Specialist shows run from 9pm to midnight weekdays and 6pm to midnight at weekends. The rest of the time we feature our playlisted music.

Pillars of content include news, entertainment, sexual and reproductive health, drugs, education, relationships, ICT, sport, health, business.

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