History of Brand

Kwayedza is a Zimbabwean newspaper published in Shona that started its circulation in June 1986.  The aim of Kwayedza is to promote Zimbabwean cultures with it being published in a local language. The publication carries a universal appeal which is suitable for all readers from high school children to the elderly for it carries an educational section and day-to-day stories.   

This year Kwayedza has celebrates 35 years of circulation, which has been a very great achievement for the publication. The tabloid started with 16 pages which increased to 24 pages throughout its 35 years of circulation. Writers from Kwayedza have been winning prizes for the stories for the publication, which is also a sign of achievement for the paper. The publication has done a lot in promoting moral values to society through the vernacular stories it carries. At its inception, Kwayedza used to incorporate its Bulawayo-based sister paper uMthunywa and thus its separation due to its popularity has been a great achievement.   

Kwayedza now has a strong footprint on digital platforms – website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  

Currently Kwayedza Social Platforms are as follows: 

Facebook: 98 239 likes, 149 390 followers 

Twitter: 24 165 followers 

YouTube: 2 730 subscribers 

Instagram: 2 071 subscribers 

The issues covered in Kwayedza include:  

  • Juicy stories of day-to-day living of society.  
  • Entertainment news on local and international celebrities  
  • Examination set books for O- and A-Level candidates  
  • Farming  
  • Sport  
  • Business   
  • Zimbabweans both local and international (through the digital platforms)  
  • Rural and urban residents  
  • Students  

Kwayedza has been used in Harare and Mashonaland region as a form of avoiding cultural alienation as its readers will continue reading the vernacular language be it in schools, churches, homes and work places. By exposing local languages, this builds a better Shona culture in Zimbabwe. The paper also highlights on examination set books for examination candidates giving them a vivid image on what to expect in their exams.   

Kwayedza Awards