History of H-Metro

H-Metro was established in September 2009 as a way of creating a new brand of tabloid readership.

The idea was to have Zimbabwe’s first real tabloid that centers on human interest stories, entertainment and Sport.

H-Metro is a product of Zimbabwe Newspapers 1980 Limited.

In the first ten years up to 2019, H-Metro grew a new readership and its own niche of fast-paced news. However, sales dropped after reaching as high as 15000 within the first 5 years

Readership, however, remained high as authenticated by several ZAMPS surveys.

A new approach was needed and H-Metro decided to improve its  digital presence after 10 years of depending on hard copy readership

As the media is the mouthpiece through which society has a voice and makes its concerns known, H-Metro has managed to satisfy this longing in the readers when it comes to social news. The issues covered include

▪ Rape and child abuse

▪ Incest

▪ Spousal abuse

▪ Murder

▪ Women’s Issues

Whilst initially intended to capture the mass market of the lower end of the market including young adults, housewives, the working class in society in general. However, a keen uptake from the so-called elite in society has been noted.

H-Metro is just about to turn 12-years-old

In the last two years since going digital, the tabloid has captured the social media market and dominated it.

 There is an increase of more than 280 percent on both followers and engagement, across digital platforms since 2019.

As of 2019, all the platforms were sitting at less than 50k followers & now

Twitter is at 148k,

Instagram at 158k

 Facebook is at 152k .

This is as a result of improved presence on the platforms and ensuring we are the go-to places for all the latest news and gossip


While various groups of people in the society had nowhere to turn if they had problems, the common notion that if anyone does something untoward H-Metro shall be called and set upon them shows that the society now has a newspaper with the role of the nation’s ‘AUNT’.

The recent 14-year-old’s death during labour story that H-Metro broke is a classic example of the paper’s role and impact in society.

Policy makers and civic organizations jumped to that story and child marriage is now strongly discouraged as a result


H-Metro has better response structures often than the emergency services, with us known to arrive at a place BEFORE the police and the Ambulance or Fire departments.




H-Metro is now the go to paper for all non-political stories in Zimbabwe. 

It has dominated street sales and the vendors love it on the streets.

The paper has also become a giant on social media and the challenge is now to monetize the interest and traffic generated 

The paper now has a digital first strategy that has seen it dominate the news on all platforms