Capital Markets Awards nominations process begins

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The Capital Markets Awards nominations process has officially been opened for people to start voting for the best performing companies and individuals across the country’s capital markets.

The prestigious awards ceremony, which is set for November 2021, is being held by Financial Markets Indaba (FMI) in partnership with Business Weekly. FMI director Patrick Muzondo, said the Capital Markets Awards is a landmark recognition programme to benchmark institutional and individual achievements and performance in the capital markets landscape of Zimbabwe.

“The awards perform a valuable function, enabling the market to reflect on what worked and what did not in the past year, celebrating the most impressive performers. 

The programme also serves as an opportunity to demystify complexities that surround investing on the local bourse and in turn encourage individuals from all walks of life to participate and invest on the local stock exchanges,” Muzondo said.

Business Weekly Editor Herbert Zharare said winners for the awards will be determined following an exhaustive evaluation of nominations and submissions along with research and interviews conducted by a research team and judges.

“Voting will be based on polls conducted on all categories at different times,” Zharare said.

The principles of the poll are that people cannot vote for themselves or their own institutions. People vote on firms that they interact with.

There is one vote per institution in each category and there is to be no collusion or favours.

The Capital Markets Awards are dedicated to transparency and fairness that is evidenced through the various scorecards that are being published for all award categories.

To make a nomination a public poll will be run on the FMI website (

The nomination process is free and there is no limit to the number of nominations that one person can make.

Nomination submission closing date is Thursday 30 September 2021 at 12pm (CAT)

Financial Markets Indaba is a series of interactive investment related forums and conferences convened in Johannesburg, London, Harare. FMI, which is a unit of Emergent Capital Management (ECM), is based in Johannesburg with a presence in Harare and London and has hosted over 30 investor events in the last five years as well as webinar events.


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