Business Weekly

Historical Background

Business Weekly is a Zimbabwean online publication that focuses on business and economic current affairs. The paper was founded in 2017 by Zimpapers 1980 Limited Company as a national printed broadsheet before going 100 percent digital amid the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its main publication comes out every Friday in form of a subscriber-based pdf. Business Weekly is supplemented by its Daily Newsletter that is distributed via subscriber-based emails.

The publication has registered significant growth since its inception and efforts are being made to increase its national visibility through distribution of pdfs to all targeted and interested readers.  Through its in-depth business only articles, within four years of its creation readers have already recognised it as one of the most credible papers as supported by 2021 Zimbabwe All Media Products survey that placed it on position two among the country’s widely ready Weekly Business Publications. The paper has become a source of credible and unbiased business news for its target market of the business community.

All Business Weekly stories are found online on its main website The publication can also be found on social media platforms such as Twitter under the handle @BusinessWeeklyZ and Facebook @ebusinessweekly. The main pdf platform provides main business news, companies stories, markets and commodities analysis, general economic analysis by commissioned analysts, sector specific coverage, personality profiles and life styles, motoring and sports. In general, the editorial stance of Business Weekly centres on moving business ideas as well as in-depth analysis and opinion on business and the economy.

The publication is receiving significant support from the business community as witnessed by the amount of advertisement revenues being received. Moving on, the publication is working on creating articles that help drive reader revenue. There shall be intensification of organisation of events, conferences, webinars, breakfast meetings and research in partnership with research think tanks.      

Targeted readers from key sectors such as:

  • Listed companies
  • General companies
  • Universities and colleges’ (Business Schools)
  • Local Authorities
  • Think Tanks
  • Government Departments
  • Trade Bodies etc

Targeted personnel in sectors:

  • CEOs
  • General Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Engineers, technicians
  • Students and lecturers
  • Stock brokers
  • Asset managers
  • Pension funds managers
  • Business member organisations (BMOs)
  • Trade experts etc

Business Weekly has just resuscitated Provincial Devolution and Investment Conferences
Now has special addition to support national programmes such as National Development Strategy (NDS1)
Growing online audience by constantly updating website and engaging audiences on Twitter and Facebook, use of videos and audios.

Opening the publication to as many targeted readers as possible Grow online readers

Business Weekly Awards