Seeing as Zimpapers is the country’s largest content producer and Zimbabwe’s biggest and most diverse media group, it only made business sense in 2017 to establish a creative entity. Hence the re-birth of BoldAds, this time as a new age Creative Unit.

The old BoldAds was known for printing the telephone directories, calendars, diaries and the like. The new one brings ‘out of the box thinking’ making it proficient in brand building through a 360-degree approach in value addition for campaign concept executions.

BoldAds serves the Zimpapers Group by handling in-house campaigns through it’s main service pillars –  Digital Services Management, Commercial Content Creation and Media Management. It also offers the same services to external clients who are looking for a one-stop media-shop.

BoldAds has successfully conceptualised in-house campaigns for Zimpapers brands including and not limited to the H-Metro rebranding, Star FM Music Awards, ZimNtulikazi Music Festival, Typocrafters rebranding, Capitalk imaging and the CSR Cancer Power Walk. The unit has also serviced Government through national campaigns such as “You can’t relax” Covid-19 awareness campaign and the 2021 “We Remember, Salute, Honour Heroes’ and Defence Forces Days campaign. Externally, BoldAds ran the “We Serve Smiles” campaign for Cresta Group of Hotels, designed Homelux housing projects brochures, to mention a few.

We offer our clients a 360 degree media approach, linking their brand to audiences across Zimpapers and other media platforms – digital, radio, print and television.

  • Digital Services Management
  • Commercial Content Creation
  • Media Management

This arm oversees plans, budgets, defines and initiates digital accounts and projects.

It also manages internal and external social media and online platforms.

Products under this arm are as follow:

  • Videos (virtual Bridal Expo)
  • Social media posts, GIFs and memes
  • Digital newsletters
  • Webinars
  • Experiential marketing
  • Surveys & research for both external and internal clients
  • Data mining (Media bookings, accounting systems, freeium on Zimpapers apps & online services)
  • Commercial Content Production

The arm is involved in the commercial content production, a system for the creation of information for a defined audience with the intent of selling the content in part, in whole or as an idea. It involves working out who the client wants to speak to, and what they want them to do.

As such, a content strategy is created which guides your content production system.

Common goals for a commercial content production system are to build awareness, leads and sales. The type of content created by this arm targets to meet these goals.

  • Cornerstone content is content that attempts to cover a single topic in a definitive way. The goal of cornerstone content is often thought leadership. We will be producing it to establish our authority with our or the clients’ audiences.
  • Gated content is content that can be exchanged for something (like contact information). It’s produced to establish a connection with an audience.
  • Evolving content is a stream of regularly produced content. It may take the form of a series of blog posts, or regular news reports, or regular episodes of a program. Evolving content is produced to create awareness of the content among the intended audience.
  • Advertising campaigns – Creative campaigns across all platforms.

The media landscape which now spans from traditional to digital requires an intelligent and informed approach to have the desired results. Hence the need for data mining to assist in effective planning and buying in a complex modern marketplace.

We offer totally objective media plans, develop integrated and cross channel media campaigns which not only serve Zimpapers platforms but other media houses. Our strategy is to gather intelligence and make recommendations that we truly believe will achieve the clients’ objectives. Our media selections have a proven return on investment.

We seek the best possible rates for our clients. We don’t believe the biggest budgets always secure the best deals, instead we place value on the relationships we have developed as a Group with other media owners.

  • Corporates
  • Government
  • Rural District Councils
  • Retail and Private Companies
  • Service industries
  • NGOs and related organisations

BoldAds is expected to grow its audiences online, both regionally and internationally, using its social media platforms and also launch a YouTube channel.

  • Increased online events (virtual events and webinars)
  • Increased content creation for itself, the Zimpapers entities and external clients
  • Increase value addition across all Zimpapers brands