BH24 is a digitally packaged business news platform designed to offer updates that have a bearing on business decision making on a daily basis. The early delivery as well as the summarised updates enable management to peruse through and get an idea of the business environment and enable them to make informed decisions. Academics and lecturers in business related studies also benefit from these daily business updates.

  • Convenience: – you get access to BH24 wherever you are on your email, tablet (mobile app) or online site.
  • Foresight: – you get business updates for tomorrow the day before, keeping you ahead of the curve.
  • Conversance : – you are informed on the business environment and trends in the local and foreign markets.
  • Exchange rates.
  • Stock exchange updates and analysis.
  • Money market. iv. Business upcoming events.
  • Trade analysis. vi. Legislation and policies affecting business.
  • Prices (oil , minerals, agricultural produce etc). viii. Sector analysis.
  • Trends in technology and their effects on business.
  • Any other local and international activities that have a bearing on business.
  • Adverts on different products and services.